Le 70e anniversaire du Débarquement et de la bataille de Normandie


Du 5 juin au 21 août 2014, la Normandie a célébré avec faste et émotion, le 70e anniversaire du Débarquement et de la bataille de Normandie. Cet anniversaire a été un temps de recueillement et de communion nationale et internationale. La commémoration du Débarquement du 6 juin 1944 est traditionnellement un événement marquant pour le territoire bas-normand. Il l'a était tout spécialement à l'occasion des anniversaires quinquennaux et décennaux dont la résonance internationale est particulièrement marquée.

Traditions of leisure activities and welcoming


Normandy has preserved many of its traditions dating back to the 19th century; today they act as major tourist attractions, unparalleled elsewhere and inextricably linked with the region, including water sports, hydrotherapy, thalassotherapy and equestrian sports. Its gastronomy and terroir also help create a well-founded image in the popular imagination. Hearty eaters and discerning drinkers with a discriminating palate for fine wines and a love of good food, the Norman people have kept their age-old reputation as informed gourmets.

A diverse regional identity, discreet yet rich


Land of contrasts par excellence, drawing the very best from sea and soil alike (and above all from the union of the two), today more than ever before, Normandy has so many different faces to it: The picture-postcard face of its historic little towns and picturesque villages nestling in the bocage, where traditions are held dear, where local produce is celebrated and where one calls oneself a Norman but never too loudly.