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These expeditions embody the essence that underpins the creation of the D-DAY ACADEMY as a mobile, open-air museum, taking visitors to historic sites in vintage transport with on-board historians and D-Day Memorabilia.

This is truly "History on the move".

Opportunities will also be provided to visit other traditional museums.

Thanks to this unique concept, the sites of D-Day and the Battle for Normandy in 1944 are united as one great museum. All of which adds greatly to the visitor experience.

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Exaca tour photo 2The EXACA Expeditions are a series of carefully constructed programmes, conducted by military historians, which, following in the footsteps of the soldiers of 1944, will explore some of the key engagements which took place over the Norman countryside between June and September 1944.

It is hard to imagine when viewing today's bucolic landscape, the devastation wrought by the actions of three million combatants in a campaign that at times exceeded the intensity of the Western Front in World War One.

By re-discovering the sites where often-pivotal events took place, under the guidance of an historian and with the artefacts and weapons of the time available, visitors will more accurately be able to understand, at every level, the importance and drama of the events that took place there.

At the personal level, visitors will be able to re-live some of the aspects of life, which governed the lives of soldiers of all nations: dealing with censorship, distilling truth from propaganda, medical facilities and casualty evacuation procedures.


Visitors may chose from a selection of 16 Programmes listed below. Each covers a discreet aspect of D-Day, the Battle for Normandy or a theme.

Expeditions will normally be undertaken in British German or US World War II vehicles : Jeeps, Command Cars, Trucks, Amphibious Vehicle and AFVs.

The possibility exists to accompany Expeditions in modern transport. The use of vintage transport is only recommended for the able-bodied.

Children must be under supervision. All vehicles have waterproof canopies, comply with safety regulations and are insured to carry passengers.

Timings and Administration

Expeditions will take place from 6 March to 12 November. All dates inclusive. The day starts promptly at 0915 with a short Briefing at the Mustering location. "Mount" on vintage vehicles by 0930 for departure... Return to the same location at 17h30.

Mustering and departure from/to: D-DAY ACADEMY, Rots. Other places on request.

Pre-booking with 3 weeks notice.

Rates 2024

From the D-DAY Academy site at Rots: Refers to a day program (EXACA) of about 9:30 to 5:30 p.m. Other locations on request. 

  • full day (EXACA), from 9:30 to 17:30
  • pick-up D-Day Academy ROTS, other places on request

1 person : 550 €
2 to 4 pers. : 300 € per pers.
5 to 8 pers. : 200 € per pers.
9 to 16 pers. : 140 € per pers.
17 to 32 pers. : 130 € per pers.
more : 110 € per pers.

Companies and Agencies : Consult us

From 110 € per person