The laboratory

The laboratory of history and its six workshops

A team of four instructor-experts gives visitors a creative presentation of the technologies area :

- Food: the best soldier is the best fed soldier.

Reconstruction of the US war rations including tasting, Coca-Cola distribution, retrospective, edible samples, concentrated-instant products: Nestlé products, samples. More 1944 soft drinks, their advertisements at the time, chewing gums, sample dispenser. Field-bakeries: fresh products. Drinkable water and purification.

- Morale: the necessary condition for victory.

  • Music : records, star performances.
  • Cinema, theatre, dance international.
  • Mail, the sole connection with the family and the country.


  • Reading materials : comic strips, civil and military magazines, literature, poetry.
  • Regulated love relationships.
  • Religious practice of armies.
  • Sports and games : soccer, base-ball, cricket, volley-ball, cards…
  • Nazi indoctrination behind the morale of the Reich's elite troops (Waffen-SS, Fj, PZ), military songs, great music and poetry, propaganda journals and magazines.

Equipment: convenience and military tradition

Provision under control of a monitor, uniform pieces of belligerents and their accoutrements. Touch, weigh, try a German helmet, American, Anglo-Canadian and compare their respective advantages. Thread a US assault package of D-Day to carry the weight supported by the young shoulders of GI'S face of enemy fire. Strap a parachute, evaluate clutter. Manipulating individual or collective weapons, confronting pros and cons and ... remember.

Weapons of 1944, the robustness of the standard weapon ally opposed to the fragility of the German technical superiority Weapons handling basic belligerents. Optional: Under control of a shooting instructor, blank firing offers using five different models shooting range conditions (goggles and helmet).

Transport: Victory wheels

An automotive technician supports small groups of visitors to touch, start and feel the vibrations and smells of the engines as well as distinguish sounds by model. Wheeled vehicle fleet and caterpillars 1944. A belligerent additional supply of experimentation twenty minute field discovery extends the visit of the workshop.

A final area

A final area finalizes the role played in 1944 by this special generation of men and women forever marked by the greatest human adventure of all time, D-Day in Normandy.

80 years later, the very last survivors meet again there on June 6th, to celebrate a victory and commemorate the memory of their dead comrades to the immutable values ​​of justice and freedom. Tribute to all who belong to the collective memory and legitimize Normandy, land of freedom.