75th anniversary of D-Day


On the 6th of June, they were 20 years old; the dozen of veterans who survived the 2nd world war et what followed will be together a last time on the Normandy D-Day landings sites.

The D-DAY Academy president, veteran Jack Woods, Royal Tank Regt, is back as usual with his friends of Norwich district to celebrate their contribution to our liberation, the nazism defeat et those who made it possible.

On the 5th of June in Rots : ceremonies and big garden party at the D-Day Academy with the veterans and their families, with the memories of the 1944 songs by Annie's wartime band.

  • Presence in Carpiquet of the Spitfire MKIX de P. Monk who ensures the aerians tributes.

On the 6th of June : official ceremonies - see on the Comité du Débarquement Website. 
  • Each town of Manche-Calvados in D-Day 44 sector organise its own activities , ceremonies , expositions , evenings, a great opportunity to learn more.

D-Day Academy will present 30 rare and insolites objets from these time. Specialist and curious : don't miss it ! From June 1st to 4th.

All in the mood of this 1944 sky charged with the low sound of the 60 P&W and the 30 Dakotas of Daks over Normandy motors, that will stay at the Caen-Carpiquet Airport during these great days.

Not to miss !