The DEMACA programme captures the essence of the experience of the khaki clad men and women of the "Special Generation" who liberated France in 1944. By using contemporary artefacts and the tools of war you will be able to:

  • Touch and compare the weapons and equipment used by Allied and Axis soldiers. To embark aboard vintage trucks and armoured fighting vehicles.
  • Smell the lingering odours of military vehicles and equipment, wartime food and also the delicate Parisian perfumes of the era.
  • Taste: the American GI was the best-fed soldier in the world in 1944. Re-discover famous brands of food already familiar at the time and you will taste them different.
  • Hear the popular music of the period distilled through contemporary on-board loud speakers, broadcasts of great men , handle wireless sets of the period and appreciate the distinctive sounds of military engines, grinding gears and clinking tracks.
  • See letters, original newspapers, photographs, maps and propaganda of the time. Most importantly, you will glimpse the landscape where some of the momentous events of the battle for Normandy in 1944 took place.